Created by Vincent Bollore, VirtNext is a trading software that has recently entered the binary options market. According to the creator, this piece of software makes use of current market conditions, historical trading data and the power of the internet to give traders an advantage in trading. Basically, the creator says that this software has been designed to generate vast profits on behalf of its users on fully automated mode.

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When utilizing the software, traders can get access to a huge selection of assets. Vincent also boasts that his creation has lost only one trade in all these years of its existence. He claims to have over 170 employees and a net income of over $600 million.

But when performing our research, we did not find any evidence that suggests that the claims of Vincent are true. We really had doubts regarding the legitimacy of the software and this is the reason, we conducted a full-fledged investigation into VirtNext trading software.

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What Is VirtNext?

When taking a look at their official website, we found in the FAQ section that VirtNext makes use of super-fast computers to analyzed huge volumes of data. It runs on complex algorithms which allows it to look for winning opportunities in the market. The opportunities that are spotted are then converted into signals which are sent to the trading platform. Since the software is automated, it executes trades on its own.

But the problem with VirtNext is that it doesn’t deliver good results. The performance is extremely poor which makes us question its genuineness and authenticity.

The binary options trading world is saturated with fake systems and robot today. It is definitely not easy to find an option that really helps traders generate a decent income online. VirtNext trading system is not what we expected it to be. Instead of helping traders maximize their earnings, VirtNext system drains their revenue and investment funds.

Interesting Fact:

The real Vincent Bollore is actually a billionaire and there are hundreds of articles under his name on the internet. But there is not a single article that shows his connection with this VirtNext trading system. So the claims that VirtNext has been created by billionaire Vincent Bollore is a big lie.

How Does VirtNext Work?

VirtNext makes use of fast computers to process data and open positions in the financial trading market. Due to the fact that it works at a high speed, it is able to open a lot of positions during the day. By the end of the day, traders can expect to see significant profits in their accounts and that too on complete auto trading mode. This is exactly what the people behind VirtNext trading system wants traders to believe.

Now coming to the truth, VirtNext doesn’t meet the expectations of traders. It doesn’t perform in a manner that can help traders maximize their gains and profitability. Opening many positions at once or using super-fast computers doesn’t actually help enhance gains in the real financial trading world. The concept simply doesn’t make sense because when trades are executed, there is a predefined time at which it has to be closed. Regardless of how many trades are executed, the risk of losing remains greater because of the highly inaccurate and unreliable nature of the software.

From what we have found, the software connects traders with unregulated brokers and forces them to make a deposit. As soon as they are successful in getting a depositor, they earn a referral commission. Traders are then left with an unreliable trading tool that executes losing trades one after the other and drains traders’ accounts.

Is VirtNext Scam Or Legit?

We are quite doubtful regarding the authenticity of this software. We have uncovered numerous scam elements and red flags that indicate that it is a dangerous scam.

Apart from the fact that the software runs on auto pilot and supposedly makes use of fast computers to process data, there is no information provided on how it works. The mathematical foundation and scientific method on which it is based is unknown. There is also no information on how its algorithms work. In case, traders are fooled by the promise that the software is free and proceed with signing up for it, they will be in for a real shock when they are asked to deposit $250 into their trading accounts. Depositing funds into a system that has an unknown and unreliable background can be very risky and this is the reason traders must be cautious when opting for a new software or trading signal service.

The claims of earning $2500 a day is also false. If earning this much was really possible from an automated software, then no one would be poor and struggling to make ends meet. Moreover, if this was true, then there would have been news articles and blog posts about it. But we found no solid evidence that the software works or has a good performance during our research.

The brokers that are linked to this software are unregulated and when people trade with unregulated brokers, they risk their investment. Generally, they can consider their money lost because the majority of the unregulated brokers operating in the market today are unscrupulous. Traders will also not be able to file any complaints if they lose their money with an unregulated broker. The people behind this scam are very clever and once they get their hands on traders’ money, they will make it impossible for traders to withdraw their money.

The reviews and testimonials on their website also prove that VirtNext is a potentially dangerous scam. These scammers have hired actors and paid them for reviews and testimonials. Those who are claiming to earn thousands of dollars every day are fake. The truth is that not even a single person has been able to earn profits using this system. It is a dubious system that must be avoided.

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Final Words

Investments in binary options can produce lucrative income, but the emerging markets can truly attract all sorts of fake systems, liars and scammers that traders out there must be cautious about. Traders must make sure that they always rely on trustworthy trading tools when looking to earn a decent income online. VirtNext trading system is an example of a bogus software that we advise traders to stay away from.

There is nothing genuine about VirtNext trading system. We have managed to unveil many lies and deceptive tactics they have used to entice traders. The software lacks special features and doesn’t work as it claims to work. Our overall impression about VirtNext has not been good and it is better that traders choose a safer and more reliable alternative instead of this scam.


Binary Options industry expands the trading services and tools so traders are adviced to choose a binary system that suits their specific financial needs and goals.

Before you decide rather to gain access to or not you should consider the information we have gathered about this software. The main features have been monitored and the performance of has been analysed by our experts.

We cannot confirm the safety and legitimacy of so we concluded that there are more reliable robots. You can Proceed to Safety by visiting the Best binary option trading software with higher overall scores.

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