Our most recent investigation of online investment systems led us to the so-called Brit Method software. It is also known under the Brit Wealth System name because its creator Jason Taylor claims this is the best online trading software available on the market.

These claims can be easily rejected. A thorough investigation into the auto-trading platform exposes a significant number of red flags investors should be aware of. The software requires traders to deposit £300 as an initial deposit in order to activate its autopilot capabilities. This is significantly higher than the industry standard and it is not worth risking any funds with it.

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The Brit Method is a scam system people should be careful with. Our research into the software proved that. To be sure that they are trading with a reliable investment solution, users must consider a better alternative. Currently, the best operating software that quickly overtook the online investment field, is the QProfit System for automated investments by Jerry Douglas.

Also, as for now, we would advise you to Continue to Trusted Robot Site, as the reliability of this system is still not confirmed.

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What Is the Brit Method?

The software is presented as an investment platform that has been built in order to trade various assets – currency pairs, commodities, stocks, and indices, online and on full autopilot. Its creator has tried to create a user-friendly environment. In reality, the system lacks important trade-enhancing features that can optimize the efforts made when trading. It comes only with an autopilot that has a relative quality that cannot be confirmed.

Features & Resources

One of the things that makes an investment robot good is the availability of additional features. This type of online trading on autopilot is primarily targeted at novices. But if the creators of systems cannot provide additional features and resources for people to utilize and increase their knowledge, it could turn out to be useless. The Brit Method fails to provide additional support and capabilities that can help beginners gain skills.

Operational Process of The Brit Method

This is an auto-trading robot for CFD and Forex trading. At least, its concept has been for that. Jason Taylor is a high-school dropout with an inclination towards mathematics. He used these math skills to develop the algorithms for the system. Unfortunately, the creator of the software has been exposed as a non-existent scammer. In other words, the robot has an unreliable and shady background.

This implies that its autopilot capabilities are unreliable, as well. Scams like this one often promote themselves as authentic and promise significant returns thanks to their sophisticated build. When people actually start using them, it turns out that all applied algorithms are random number generators that cannot achieve successful trades. When we combine this with the high initial deposit traders are required to make, we draw the line and cannot recommend the Brit Method as a reliable investment solution.

As a Whole, the Brit Method Is a Scam

There are a number of reasons to believe this system to be a scam:

Fake Creator – Jason Taylor is someone who doesn’t exist. When the system traders choose has a background that cannot be confirmed, they have most likely signed up for a scam.

Fake Reviews – this is a software that relies on fake feedback, fabricated and paid testimonials in order to acquire credibility with the community. In fact, the real opinions of those who have actually tested Taylor’s system are predominantly negative.

Unrealistic Returns – this is another system that makes unrealistic promises in an effort to attract the attention of investors. It fails to deliver and has led to very disappointing results for those who have tried it.

Unreliable Support – when trying to contact the support team of the software, the emails get rejected and calls do not go through. Users cannot rely on a system that cannot provide adequate support.

The Brit Method is a scam with some serious problems that can lead to significant losses for people who are not careful when trading. After we finished our investigation, we can advise global investors to consider a better alternative.

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Final Warning

This is one of the well-known fraudulent systems that rely on underhanded tactics, huge promises, and fake feedback to attract clients. Actual users of the system have shared a very negative feedback about their experience with it. The Brit Method scam fails to provide a secure environment, lacks important features, and cannot help investors optimize their investments and enhance their skills. That is why people are advised to consider different system instead.


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