The Infinity App was released recently allowing traders from across the globe to register and gain access to an automated trading system. The software is supposedly created by some NASA engineer named Mark Stevenson.

From the past couple of weeks, we have been noticing complaints coming from traders. Are these complaints real or have they been published by competitors to downgrade this software?

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Our preliminary investigation on the Infinity App is now complete. We have compiled all the findings in this comprehensive review. Anyone who is interested in finding out about the legitimacy of this app can read this review till the end.

Also, as for now, we would advise you to Continue to Trusted Robot Site, as the reliability of this system is still not confirmed.

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What is Infinity App?

The Infinity App has been released as an automated software that can be used for online trading. Anyone can use it to invest in forex and other online financial products on complete auto-pilot mode.

According to the developer, no prior knowledge of trading or experience is required on the part of the user to operate this app. It is fully functional and does all the hard work behind the scenes to deliver positive results to traders.

But, this shady looking app doesn’t seem to have much potential. From what we have managed to find, it gives traders access to automated trading and guides them to financial independence.

The claims made by the developer may sound convincing to many people. But ask yourself one question: “If the Infinity App was so powerful and could generate massive revenue without you having to do anything, would they give it to you for free?”

Nobody will give away an efficient investment tool for free. The truth about the Infinity App is that it has failed to deliver on its promise and many traders have lost their investment capital as a result of using it.

How Does Infinity App Work?

Traders can get access to this app by signing up for it. Well, this is what they want everyone to believe. But in reality, when traders sign up, they are taken to a broker’s page where they have to make a deposit.

Traders aren’t allowed to use an existing broker or a broker of their choice. The problem is that traders won’t know which broker they will be assigned until they complete registration. The entire thing remains quite a mystery right to the moment where traders have to add funds.

After this, the software is automatically synced to the trading account and begins doing the rest of the work. While traders wait for it to analyse the financial conditions of the markets, make predictions and execute winning trades, the software does the complete opposite. Within just a couple of hours, the entire account gets drained and traders are left with nothing, but disappointment.

As we have already mentioned, there are complaints flooding the internet regarding this app. Traders are losing their investments instead of generating returns. The actual results and performance of the Infinity App proves only thing and that is it works for the interest of the people who are operating it. It doesn’t work to deliver good results to traders.

Interesting Fact:

To prevent fraud in the online trading arena, there are regulatory bodies that have been set up. Those providing financial services such as brokers are required to obtain licenses and become regulated under the law. Any broker operating with a license is risky to do business with. Checking for regulations is one of the best way to avoid getting scammed when trading online.

Infinity App is a Malicious Software

There is no doubt that the Infinity App is a scam software. To support their unproven claims, they have lied to traders telling them that this software is packed with innovative features and runs on sophisticated algorithms and technology.

We used the trading results they have displayed to verify its capacity. We have only one thing to say about these results and that is they are fake. Those are just random numbers with unproven success rates and payouts. The chart of results is invalid.

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Now coming to the developer of the software. He is some NASA engineer and his name is Mark Stevenson. But there is no online profile or information available about him. There is no address that can be verified. Who is Mark and where is he and his company that owns the Infinity App based? We have no idea. We believe that this person is a fictitious character and his story is false.

We have seen some reviews as well that are trying to prove the genuineness of this trading app. Upon looking closely, we managed to find scripted performers and artists who have been paid for the task. There are no positive reviews available from real traders.

Even the endorsements are fake. This app has not gained any kind of recognition and has never been featured on any popular magazine or news channel.

Final Verdict

There are scammers behind the operational process of the Infinity App. These scammers are only after your investment funds and once they get hold of it, they will not know who you are.

As a trader, you will be inviting loads of trouble and disappointment if you pick this app. So it is better to stay clear of it or look for a trading system that has a proven history of success.


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