German Binary Robot promises big payouts to its users. But is German Binary Robot a Scam?

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The team of Top7BinaryRobots made a deep investigation of this software and found out that German Binary Robot rates very poor. So, as an alternative we have picked for you the Best Robots along with full reviews.

As long as we don’t gather more info about German Binary Robot we cannot be sure that it is secure trading system. In this case we advise you to Continue to Trusted Robot Site OR Choose from the Top Trading Software in the Table below:

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German Binary Robot Review

German Binary Robot is a new type of binary options automated trading which claims to make you large profits over a short period. As usual, there is a video on their website that makes an effort to explain the idea behind the program.

German Binary Robot – Norbert

Apparently, the man in the video who calls himself Norbert created the software. He claims to be known by many in the field of binary options through his trading method known as German Banker’s Secret. He also goes ahead to shares that he has automated his previous Bollinger Band trading method.

Norbert claims that the main reason he developed the system was to allow newbies who know nothing about the binary options method can take advantage of his successful trading methods without prior knowledge in financial markets. Do not be fooled, this marketing gimmick you should consider other options that the system entails.

Norbert tries to sell credibility by portraying himself as an experienced financial market expert who is also a developer. People tend to trust products created by experienced personnel with adequate knowledge in the field. If indeed the system claims to make traders earn that much amount of money then are there few cases of people who claim to make enormous fortunes? This system is not different from the others who advertise high returns for the traders who mostly file complaints.

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How Much German Binary Robot Costs?

German Binary Robot  is however not free. An interested trader has two options to choose from and one involves buying the software for $ 2400 or gets a one-month free trial valid for only 30 days. You are the asked to fund your account with a selected broker so that you can start trading. You should be aware that the German Binary Robot probably receives commissions for making a customer trade with the pre-selected broker.

How to Get Started with German Binary Robot?

The system claims that it is capable of earning over $200 in profits from a deposit of $500 on the autopilot within a short time. This is similar yet another website that uses binary options. These figures are exaggerated and seem highly unlikely to achieve.

Most binary options sites are polished and present an excellent opportunity to make a decent living trading online. Binary options are a high risk sector to venture in to and though they claim that anyone can join without any knowledge about trading, one needs to understand how the system works. Before joining any binary system, you should ensure that they are secure and licensed before funding your account.

How Does German Binary Robot Work?

The trader wins or loses depending on its predictions. A call is placed if the user predicts that the market trade will increase over a specified time. A put is placed if the outcome is predicted to be a fall. Regardless of how German Binary Robot is designed to work, a trader cannot be able to make accurate predictions all the time and so most of the time they end up losing. A Majority of traders want a quick way of getting money with just a simple click, which is exactly what the system promises.

There are many people who have lost money online through scams that entice people by giving them hyped facts and figures. Ensure that you conduct thorough research online and from professionals so that you can sign up with a trusted system that has been proven to work and is regulated. You should however be very careful because some regulated software are unreliable and not trustworthy. Learn about German Binary Robot of automated trading and understand the risks involved before joining.

While using German Binary Robot our team was unable to achieve set profits that we usually earn from our trusted brokers. There is no adequate evidence that shows it is a scam but this does not mean that they are 100% safe to use so you should verify the safety of the system before accepting the term and conditions. It should be regulated by CySEC and registered with an EU financial governing institution.


Binary Options industry expands the trading services and tools so traders are adviced to choose a binary system that suits their specific financial needs and goals.

Before you decide rather to gain access to or not you should consider the information we have gathered about this software. The main features have been monitored and the performance of has been analysed by our experts.

We cannot confirm the safety and legitimacy of so we concluded that there are more reliable robots. You can Proceed to Safety by visiting the Best binary option trading software with higher overall scores.

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