Fincrowd App was recently launched therefore there are still quite a number of investigations to be performed on this Fincrowd App provider. It was introduced basing on the fact that a lot of people in the binary options trading market are demanding for binary signals so that they can automate all their trading processes.

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You can instead use your original binary options broker to gain access to these services but only if your broker is in the list of those that are supported by the signals.

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FinCrowd App came into the market in May 2017. It is a binary options trading system that is developed by someone called Sam Maxwell. Since its launch, the software has mainly gained negative reviews. This is what prompted us to undertake a massive investigation about this software.

The aim of this investigation was to reveal the truth about FinCrowd App. We wanted to establish whether FinCrowd App is a legit system just like it claims to be or is it just a scam.

An Introduction To FinCrowd App?

The concept of FinCrowd App is quite different. Unlike binary options trading systems that simply generate signals and execute trades on behalf of its users, FinCrowd App claims to an online crowd funding platform that unites traders and combines their funds to give them the power of a big investor. The funds that traders deposit in their accounts are then used by experts to execute traders on behalf of these traders. The idea is innovative and it certainly works for small businesses and start-ups, but for an online trading platform, it doesn’t really make sense.

FinCrowd App promises huge profits and returns on investments and their only requirement is that traders make a minimum deposit of $250 when they sign up. But the problem is that too many people have lost their investment with this trading software which proves that it doesn’t work as it claims.

Interesting Fact:

Crowd funding websites have been helping companies raise money for their new projects. The idea behind this concept is to motivate people to participate by expecting a profit or a payoff. With over 2000 crowd funding websites operating globally, more than 34 billion dollars in capital has been raised till date.

Does FinCrowd App Work?

It is important for traders to be aware that not all trading systems that promise big returns actually deliver on their promise. The fact is that the majority of these trading systems are bogus and their only intention is to deprive traders of their hard-earned money.

FinCrowd App works in a similar. The concept of it being a crowd funding platform is a lie. So far, no one has ever earned anything out of this platform. Instead of earning profits from their investments, traders have lost the money they deposited. The software also doesn’t have a proven track record.

According to the developer of the software, they have a team of professionals that analyze the markets on behalf of their users. The accuracy of the trading signals produced by their team is 93%. The signals are then sent by the software in real time so traders can choose whether to let the software execute trades for them or they can place trades manually. The software can be activated with just a click of the button, after which traders can sit back and enjoy the profits.

All this is a big lie because FinCrowd App has an extremely poor performance. The service is totally anonymous and even the video demonstration doesn’t talk about the algorithms or codes that are integrated within this system. Traders will never find out the important stuff about this software because they have never been discussed or disclosed.

Based on the reviews of real traders and our own findings, we can confirm that FinCrowd App doesn’t work as it claims to work. Their signals aren’t reliable and traders have lost considerable amounts of investments as a result of trusting this software.

FinCrowd App: A Reliable Option Or Just A Scam

We have enough evidence that indicates that FinCrowd App is a potential scam. First of all, the binary options trading community doesn’t recognize this as a legit solution for online investments. There aren’t any positive comments or reviews about FinCrowd App. The reviews we have come across are generally negative and talk about how traders have lost their money by using it.

The developer of the system isn’t a real person. The name and the identity are fictitious and it appears that the team behind the creation of this software have simply hired an actor and named him Sam Maxwell to do the video presentation. If Sam Maxwell was a real person, we would have at least come across social media profiles of him.

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Those who claim to have earned significant profits with FinCrowd App aren’t genuine traders. They are also most probably hired actors who were paid for fake testimonials. Another disturbing thing is that the financial markets doesn’t open on weekends. Trading isn’t possible on a weekend so we don’t understand how FinCrowd App operates 24/7.

Another red flag is the list of awards they claim to have won. They claim that they have been operating for many years and have won over 20 awards. The reality is that they have neither won any awards, nor have they been in business for years. Their website was registered in May 2017 which means they have been around for few months now. It is not possible for any platform to win any award within just few months of being in operation.

Our Verdict

It is quite clear that FinCrowd App is a bogus trading software. This trading app will most probably drain its users’ initial investment and leave them with nothing but disappointment. There are lots of bad feedback and complaints that suggest that this app is a scam. False information and unreasonable claims should give traders a hint that they need to stay away from FinCrowd App.


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Before you decide rather to gain access to or not you should consider the information we have gathered about this software. The main features have been monitored and the performance of has been analysed by our experts.

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