Cash Camp system promises extremely high and fast payouts to its users. But is this true or Cash Camp is a Scam?

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Our team made a research on Cash Camp and discovered that  this binary robot is not well ranked in Google Trends and the data about it is poor. As a second choice we picked up our Best Trading Systems. You can find their reviews on Top7BinaryRobots.

The fact that we were not able to find enough info makes us suspicious about Cash Camp and we do not consider it as safe. You can choose to Continue to Trusted Robot Site OR Choose from the trusted robots below.

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Cash Camp Review

Cash Camp is a trading system that involves binary options tardingand was launched in July. It is designed to help traders make correct predictions by evaluating the market trends and executing the choices made by the user. Michael Solovsky, who came up with the idea of introducing another binary operated system, owns this software. Cash Camp takes a different approach in its marketing strategy by telling potential customers that you cannot earn millions within a short period but only a certain amount on a daily basis.

Cash Camp claims to educate its customers on what is involved in binary options trading and how it works. This is different for other websites that state that no skills are required to start trading. The creator claims to have extensive knowledge about the financial market so that he can earn the trust of his users. Solovsky also claims that the autopilot system has more than 120 signals each day providing a 97.39% success rate. Regardless of his continued emphasis on proof and facts, there exists no record that verifies the said information. The success rate is exaggerated and this raises more suspicion whether the system is a scam or not.

Cash Camp Website

The Cash Camp website is sophisticated and very hard to navigate. It is not user friendly since it keeps displaying more pop ups. The video has a lot of unverified information that makes it seem like another bianry system. The software creator claims that the Cash Camp generates earning of more than 8,000 dollars which cannot be verified anywhere. This is just a sales strategy to impress viewers so that they can register and fund their accounts.

The Cash Camp video has testimonials of people who have supposedly been successful while using the system. The video brings out a take or leave it attitude which stands out among the rest but this does not prove that it is legit, it might just be a sales strategy to make it seem genuine. A website that raises doubt as to whether users earn the stated amount might not be valid and you should be completely certain that the system works before funding your account. Many scams are on the increase and it is difficult to tell which ones real and those that that are not.

The second part of the video talks about how the software produces signals required for manual trading and auto pilot for those traders who lack time and knowledge on how to trade. They also claim to offer $10, 000 after a free completion which is very unrealistic. Michael actually sounds convincing in the video in the video and many can be lured into joining the software that might not be reliable or authentic.

How Much Does Cash Camp Cost?

The software is not free though it offers a free 30 day trial period after which you are required to pay 10% of your earnings to them as commission fee. The charges are high especially considering that if you lose they gain profits. This should act as a warning sign to prevent you from registering with Cash Camp. There exist better systems that provide more affordable deals than this software.

Cash Camp System

The system claims to offer regular webinars aimed at educating users on optimizing their incomes by following set guidelines. The webinars also train new traders on how to use the software with less difficulty. They have a customer support desk that claims to support twelve languages making the option available to a great number of users. It also offers tutorials that educate users on strategies they can use to earn more money. All these features are there to make the website seem like it cares about its users so that it can attract more traders hence increased profits.

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After registering, the system directs you to a broker of its choice which requests for a minimum amount of $250 so that you can take part in trading. You should be careful with such systems because they do not seem to keep their promises. Most of what they say in the video cannot be verified and this only proves that they are not reliable.

Cash Camp Complaints

There are some existing complaints that Cash Camp does not meet the promised results though the legitimacy of these claims cannot be verified. We recommend that before you start trading, you should first use a demo account to help you understand how the software functions. If you are impressed with the results, then you can trade using hard money.


Binary Options industry expands the trading services and tools so traders are adviced to choose a binary system that suits their specific financial needs and goals.

Before you decide rather to gain access to or not you should consider the information we have gathered about this software. The main features have been monitored and the performance of has been analysed by our experts.

We cannot confirm the safety and legitimacy of so we concluded that there are more reliable robots. You can Proceed to Safety by visiting the Best binary option trading software with higher overall scores.

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