Big Option promises secure trading and great bonuses to new traders. But is Big Option legit or a Big Scam?

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Our team made a detailed investigation of Big Option, including in binary options forums and the result is that this broker is not popular among the traders. We suggest you to pick one of our alternatives along with their reviews.

Aslong as we don’t gather more information and solid proof that Big Options is safe for trading we cannot recommend you to open an account with this broker. You can Proceed to Safety OR choose one of the broker below:

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Big Option Review

Google trends does not offer a sufficient amount of information that could give us a realistic overview of the Big Option broker, even after doing a deep detailed amount of research. It is for this reason we cannot confirm that Big Option is safe and secure.

The slogan for Big Option has always been “experienced and wise financial team should not only assist a new trader in trading but also educate him”. Big Option has been highlighted to be a reliable binary options broker by the many websites which analysed it. This is because of its user friendly website that provides a variety of language options, bonuses on deposit and high payout promises.

A factor that made Big Option gain more popularity among the traders is the fact that you would be offered twenty risk-free trades after opening an account. The numbers would however be drastically reduced due to the fact that numerous complaints arise concerning the mismanagement of funds and reinvestment without the trader’s consent.

Big Option provides a number of assets that can be traded including commodities, currencies, indices and stocks. This is basically almost the same as the other binary option brokers. We are still cannot confirm whether Big Option is a trustworthy platform or not.

Big Option Promotions

Bonuses offered by Big Option varies and depends on the type of account with the range of between 20% to 100%. You will need to generate a total volume of 30x for every $1 bonus received, which is actually too high compared to the average wager.

You can follow and at the same time learn from other traders on the platform thanks to the feature referred to as “Profollow”. Other than only trading with binary options, you will be able to pairs as well as regular forex trade options. To help you analyse the specific commodity or asset you would wish to trade, the strategy advisor feature is a new functionality that would help you do this. A robot that would help you perform all your trades is only available for the Gold account holders who are not ready to learn.

Big Option Demo

A question asked by many is if it is really true that Big Option provides a free Demo trading account that is completely risk free.

Our research team has however come out to disregard this information because no Demo Accounts are offered by Big Option. It is also accompanied by the fact that it has very low ratings on Google trends because of the fact that there is very little information and data about them.

A big disadvantage with Big Option is that it does not avail a Demo account at all. This is a great negativity because many traders would prefer carrying out their first trades using demo accounts so that they can test and approve as to whether the software is worth giving a try.

Big Option Scam

Making money online has always been the dream of many investors trading binary options online. Fraudulent brokers can therefore take advantage of the situation and easily deceive such traders because there is no face to face interactions involved. Big Option broker has been involved in various complaints regarding that they have reinvested their client’s money without their consent. Such claims have however been denied by the company.

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A larger percentage of customers are still not satisfied with the clarification given by the company and are therefore ready to state that Big Option is a scam. Despite the fact that there is no concrete evident to prove that this is a scam, we would advice that you go for an approved and recommended binary options broker in order to be sure that your money is indeed safe and secure with it.

Big Option Complaints

There has been quite a number of complaints about Big Option with concerns that they are avoiding to make payments to their clients. The broker has been accused of giving excuses instead of making payments and also trying to convince it’s clients to continue trading. A number of cases are recorded that their accounts were wiped clean without their prior knowledge by the account managers because the clients had opted to withdraw the profits made.

Some complaints however came up because the client did not read the terms and conditions of the system in the first place. Another client was unable to withdraw a part of his funds because he frequently used the withdrawal cancellation feature. However, we can’t entirely blame Big Option because the terms and conditions clearly state the abuse of cancellation feature.



Our team of experts knows that the security of your finances is the main priority when it comes to online trading and transactions. Traders should avoid scam binary brokers and brokerage companies with unclear reputation.

 is not proved to be trusted and reliable broker. We also receive negative feedback from unsatisfied traders, concerning withdrawal issues and unexpected low returns on investments.

We cannot recommend you to open an account with  since we have seen in our practice much more reputable and trustworthy binary brokers that you can trade with.
You can Proceed to Approved Binary Broker OR Choose one from the Best Binary Options Brokers.

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