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BrokerStern Options
Website URLwww.SternOptions.com
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Overall Score7.9/10

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stern-optionsSternOptions is one of the of the top binary options brokers that one can open an account with. It has received nothing but positive feedback while expecting to receive its official approval from CySEC.

The profit-amplifying solutions is also infamous for the wide range of special features it provides. This is all due to the fact that it was established by a group of sophisticated financial professionals and data analysts.

It is good for one to know that the platform he utilizes was designed by people who know the industry from the inside out. SternOptions online trading brokerage can be accessed in English and German.

One of the best things about the binary options platform is that it is constantly updated and improved. Users are even invited to write to the staff with suggestions on what should be further innovated. We compiled an exclusive investigation into the SternOptions broker in order to determine whether it is a scam or legit. The results from it are presented in the following review.

Review Verdict: Stern Options is Not a Scam
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How to Work with SternOptions?

This binary options broker is renowned among the online trading community for the fact that it offers equal opportunities for success to everyone. Its payouts can be anywhere between 70% and 85% and the said monetary amounts can be achieved with a small initial investment of $250.

Available deposit & withdrawal methods feature bank, debit, credit card and Wire Transfers as well as e-Wallets such as Neteller, Skrill and more. There is also an expedited procedure that users in need can make full use of.

SternOptions’ highly efficient trading platform is quite prominent on the Internet because of the extremely fast speed at which it operates and the transparency of the investment procedure.

Interesting Fact:

Most binary options broker s do not translate their user platform and interface into languages different from English. This is the main reason why some people experience great troubles when attempting to understand the Terms & Agreements. Users do not have to worry about such things when opening a SternOptions account.

No Required Download

Another solid characteristic of this binary options broker is that it is fully browser-based and will work on any given device type without view if it is a desktop or mobile one. Traders can successfully carry out financial operations while being on the go or on vacation.

How to Open SternOptions Account?

There is nothing complicated about getting started with this particular binary options broker. Users have to place the minimum necessary deposit of $250 after typing in their best details into a registration form.

SternOptions is one of the very few online investment brokerages that provide users with the opportunity to go on a virtual demo tour of the platform before beginning to actually trade. There are several interactive videos that show one exactly what to expect.


The Education Center also features various written and video materials which were created with the idea that they should be accessible to both novice and experienced traders. This is why the training academy is divided in several sections: Beginners, In-Depth and Advanced.

In short, this I how one can sign up with SternOptions:

1. Open Free Account

2. Make Starting Investment

3. Trade & Withdraw

SternOptions Expected Returns

We have already mentioned that the binary options broker offers excellent conditions and equal opportunities for one to achieve financial success and freedom. Payouts can reach 85% and users can apply the Asset Index to further increase their earnings.

SternOptions Average Cost

One can sign up with SternOptions completely free-of-charge as there is no entry fee. The only deposit which has to be made is the starting one of $250 which funds a particular trader’s account type and can be taken back at any given moment.


Is SternOptions a Scam or Legit Platform?

All available information goes to prove that this binary options broker is a reliable and legit one. Feedback about it has been great and there are hardly any complaints. SternOptions platform can be opened in several different languages and this makes it highly accessible to people who come from different countries in the world.

The expanded digital Education Center has many useful and helpful materials, some of which are presented in a unique way – in the form of a vlog. The online brokerage operates abiding some of the toughest SSL security and safety standards, so one can safely proceed to sign up with it free.

Review Verdict: Stern Options is Not a Scam
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SternOptions 24/7 Customer Support

SternOptions’ customer support team operates around the clock in order to ensure that the needs of users who come from different parts of the world are catered to. It can be reached via live chat, telephone and email and the service operators are reportedly known to be very friendly.

User Testimonials

frederico“Before I opened my SternOptions account I was trying to figure out how to pay off my mortgage and support my family. I had recently lot my job as a chef in an elite five-star restaurant and was wondering whether I would find another one. Luckily, a close friend of mine suggested SternOptions and I got started. My life has never been the same again – thanks to the platform I have achieved full financial independence.”

Frederico, 39, Spain

henrietta“This is probably the best binary options broker that can be found on the Internet. It has many exclusive features and solid payouts. As I come from Germany, I find the fact that the platform can be accessed in my native language just amazing! Every online trader should try it as the payout are very high and almost instant!”

Henrietta, 44, Germany


good_choice_stamp_7robotsSternOptions is a trustworthy and legit binary options broker which users can easily put to best use for their personal income-generating goals. It is fully capable of achieving great success and payouts. One does not have to worry about personal data and funds security as the brokerage operates under some of the strictest possible standards. Users can safely sign up with the platform.