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You might have heard of the new Millionaire Blueprint by Walter Green. It is a 100% automated trading system that lets you generate profits by making the robot do its work. If you are interested to invest in equities, currencies, shares and commodities, you have come to the right place.

This binary options trading system is exactly the right tool for you. It is capable of offering you 80% return on investment.


How To Use It?

The system offers you the opportunity of getting high returns in a short time, even if you are trading on 60 seconds.

The robot does all the work on your behalf. It predicts the direction in which the asset will be moving in the market for a particular time period. The value of the asset can rise or fall and the returns will depend on your predictions.

Do not worry about the change in the value of the asset because it does not influence the returns. You can readily trade whenever you want.

Review Verdict: Millionaire Blueprint is Not a Scam

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Download Is Not Required

The Millionaire Blueprint binary trading system is equipped to run on your web-browser. You do not have to download anything. This is a sign that the Millionaire Blueprint software has no malicious intent towards your personal devices.

To trade, all you have to do is log into your trading account and make sure your Internet connection is stable.

How To Get Started?

Simply follow the easy steps below to get started:

  • Step 1: Sign up for FREE and connect with a broker.
  • Step 2: Fund your newly opened trading account with a minimum of $250 so that you can start trading. Simply select the asset to trade, let the robot predict the price movement, and decide on the amount to invest.
  • Step 3: Collect your winnings and withdraw them from your account in a swift and easy procedure.



The accuracy of the Millionaire Blueprint trading system can go up to 87%.

It also provides average returns of 80% on your investments which is a significant amount compared to most systems available on the market.


Millionaire Blueprint won’t cost you a thing. The only funds you will have to spend are the $250, which is the initial deposit that you are required to pay when you are connecting your trading account with the broker. After that, there are no other charges or costs.

The required $250 are NOT a payment – they are initial capital you can use to trade with and belong entirely to you. You can withdraw your account balance at any time you want.

Is Millionaire BluePrint System a Scam?

Millionaire BluePrint is not a scam at all, it has regulated brokers in the list with whom you can trade readily. There are no complaints about the system.

If you are thinking about extra charges or commissions, then do not worry, there is no such thing attached to this system. You can trust it with your time and investments.

Review Verdict: Millionaire Blueprint is Not a Scam

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Special Features

The most distinguishable benefits of the Millionaire Blueprint are the following:

  • 70 to 80% average winning ratio
  • 100% automated trading
  • Live trading signals

You can count on Millionaire Blueprint for making steady profits. Many traders are using this system for months now. If you are worried that your investments are going to be wasted, then you can take a sigh of relief – the MillionaireBlueprint has regulated brokers in the list so you can make the most out of this trading opportunity.

Additional Benefits of Millionaire Blueprint

Every trader expects to get high returns and if you have a competent trading robot there to serve you, then you can make the most of the investment.

The Millionaire Blueprint software has a high winning ratio, so if you are using it for trading, then it will greatly increase the odds of completing successful trade. This can be achieved on a regular basis. If you want to trade manually, then the system allows that too.

Customer Service

The best thing about this system is that they have an amazing live chat support feature. Whether you are having technical troubles or any other troubles when it comes to using your trading account, then you will have the customer support team to assist you.

There is no need to use the charts or perform technical analysis on your own because the trading signals are readily available to let you trade by having all the right and the latest information about the market.


jason“I have been using the Millionaire Blueprint for months now. It is a solid part of my portfolio of trading tools. I have been convinced time and again that there is a good reason for it to be one of the longest operating trading robots in the industry. I started with it when I was a novice trader and reaped all the benefits that this automated trading system can offer.”

Jason, 32


good_choice_stamp_7robotsWe at Top7BinaryRobots have tested the Millionaire Blueprint and we are constantly monitoring its performance. The results of the software have not declined since its release.

We recommend it as a suitable trading tool for online investments. It can offer high returns and accuracy, steady results and user-friendly environment. The Millionaire Blueprint also offers highly efficient and constant customer service.


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