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These days, binary options traders have access to a new tool that can get them in touch with experienced traders from around the world. This tool is basically a social trading network which gives traders the opportunity to observe the moves of other traders, learn from their expertise and copy the profitable trades. InvestoCopy is social trading network that is proving to be extremely beneficial for beginner traders. It allows them to connect with experts in the field of binary options and learn more about trading. At the same time they are given the opportunity to execute the same trades as the experts do.

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Now, times have really changed and it is not only experienced traders who are able to make big profits in binary options trading. Even beginners with no knowledge about binary options can sit back and watch profits roll in. They don’t need to spend hours in analyzing market conditions and predicting the movement of assets. All they have to do is get access to InvestoCopy and copy the actions of professionals. With InvestoCopy, you don’t have to waste years in gaining experience that can help you make profits. You can get started instantly and see results straightaway.


How Does InvestoCopy Social Trading Platform Work?

InvestoCopy is a social trading network which allows traders to connect and follow other traders. Because of this connection, they can observe what other expert traders are doing when it comes to executing trades and placing deals. Observing the community closely also helps inexperienced traders to make profits.

Social trading network like InvestoCopy is really beneficial as it can help novice traders avoid making costly mistakes. All you have to is select traders you want to follow and as soon as they open a position, the same trade will automatically be copied into your account. It is up to you to select a trader based on their success level. You can find detailed information about each trader, their percentage of winning, the kind of assets they trade, their performance and so on which can help you make informed decisions.

InvestoCopy is integrated with OptionWeb – a safe and reliable broker. The broker is authorized by FCA and other EU regulatory authorities. Based on this fact we can conclude that InvestoCopy is not a scam software.

How To Get Started With InvestoCopy?

how to start investocopyGetting started with InvestoCopy is easy. The first thing that you have to do is visit their website and find all the information you need to get started. There is a short presentation video that explains how it all works.

If you have questions, you can visit their FAQ section. InvestoCopy also gives you the opportunity to create a demo account which is funded with $500 of virtual money. You can practice using this demo account and once you are confident – to make an investment and trade using real money. Demo trading is perhaps the best way you can test the system and find out how it works. There are also no financial risks involved. Free credits are also offered and they are used when a move is automatically copied into your account. One credit is equivalent to 10 Euro cents and you can obtain free credits in a number of ways. This includes setting up an account, referring friends, using coupon codes, etc.

Is InvestoCopy a Scam?

You can get access to InvestoCopy after you open an account with OptionWeb and make an initial deposit. The minimum amount that you have to invest is $200. You can find out more information about their deposits and modes of payment by visiting their website. OptionWeb is CySEC regulated so you will not encounter any problems when it comes to making a deposit or withdrawing funds. A range of deposit options are available to suit traders from around the world and since deposits are instant, you don’t have to wait before you can start copying the moves of expert traders.

Review Verdict: InvestoCopy is Not a Scam

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InvestoCopy Pros and Cons

There are a number of benefits using InvestoCopy. One of the first benefits is that it provides a safe environment for beginner traders where they can connect with professionals in the field of binary options and observe their moves. This innovative solution also gives stock market players the opportunity to gain extensive experience without risking any money. The demo trading feature eliminates the risk of losing funds while enabling users to become familiar with the InvestoCopy social trading network. The preferred traders you copy can be changed at any time.

investocopy accuracyIf you become a successful trader and have other novice traders copy your moves, you will get 3% of their profits. This social trading network is linked to OptionWeb which is a regulated broker.

One of the disadvantages is that although the accuracy level is estimated at 87%, there is no guarantee that this will be achieved. When you choose a trader to copy, it is based on their past results and does not indicate what their future performance would be like.

InvestoCopy Update

We are sad to share that InvestoCopy have closed their business while working on a new brand to offer their services. After a long period of testing their new platform will be launched in Q1 of 2016. We will make sure to test it and share our findings and review soon after the launch.

In the meantime we can recommend the best Binary Option Robot available on the market – the feedback we received from our clients and the traders community is very positive.

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good_choice_stamp_7robotsInvestoCopy was one of the besy auto trading solutions available on the market. Overall InvestoCopy provided all the necessary tools for successful, safe and secure auto trading experience.

This binary options trading software was helping to minimize the risks of losing funds and gain control over your investments. Our team at Top7BinaryRobots.com used to recommend InvestoCopy but since they are currently closed due to re-branding we recommend the Binary Option Robot which has even more features as well as better customer feedback.

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