Mark Stevenson’s Trading Software – Is it a Scam or Not?
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BrokerThe Infinity App
Website URLwww.TheInfinityApp.com
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Overall Score9.3/10

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There is a brand new system released in the field of binary options online trading. It is presented by Mr. Mark Stevenson who is CEO and main developer of the software. It is called The Infinity App and it is a powerful investing solution which could help traders significantly increase their income and overall success. The robot works on autopilot and therefore it generates profits directly for its members on regular daily base. According to the first user reports the system manages to deliver incredible results for its users. This is absolutely normal considering the fact that Mark Stevenson is a former NASA engineers. In addition, he is among the very few brilliant minds who stand behind some of the most advanced technology products in the world.

The idea of creating the Infinity App occurred to him about 6 years ago. Now, he is willing to share his product with a selected and limited group of enthusiasts. This is how he is planning to prove the authenticity and legitimacy of the auto-trading binary robot. As a team of specialists in the sphere of online trading and dealing with binary options platforms, we decided to conduct full inspection of the software and gather all the available data regarding its features, characteristics and performance. If you are willing to learn all the important details about TheInfinityApp you should read the following review to find them out.

How to Profit With TheInfinityApp?

Earning stable profits with The Infinity App is really easy and simple. At the official website of the newly launched automatically trading system, there is a promo video which contains all the basic and relevant information users would like to know about the product. By watching this video you can tell that The Infinity App definitely looks amazing and it is a powerful platform for placing online trades on the binary options market. The 33 minute clip manages to properly present and explain everything you may want to learn regarding the system and the algorithms it uses to achieve successful and satisfying results.

Obviously the main power of the presented software is the fact that it uses a few lines of codes based on some of the most advanced NASA prediction technology algorithms. You shouldn’t worry if this sounds too difficult and complex to understand. The interface of the platform is really user-friendly so you will have no problems while using it even if you have never traded online before.

No Download Required

Despite the fact you are able to trade on-the-go with this app thanks to the iOS and Android compatible mobile version, you should know that there is no download required in case you prefer to use your desktop machine. Everything is online based so you just need to have Internet access to log into your account.

Review Verdict: The Infinity App is Not a Scam

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How to Get Started with InfinityApp?

There are Just a few steps you should complete to activate you Infinity App trading account. First of all, you have to fill-in the online form at the website. Then, you will have to get assigned to a broker and activate your account. For this step, you will need to place initial deposit of just $250. Then, you can immediately start placing trades on autopilot. Remember that there are only 35 available places for beta-testers. So, if you really want to join the system, you should hurry up and take some action now.


Our research managed to produce satisfying positive results related to the profitability of Infinity App. Obviously, some of its current members manage to earn up to $10,000 in a single day which is an amazing result.


The Infinity App is 100% free of charge for everyone. Still, as the available account number is limited, you should take some action immediately otherwise, you may miss your chance to sign up in the platform.

Is The Infinity App A Scam or Not?

Taking into consideration all the data we managed to analyze we can say that according to our professional opinion the Infinity App is 100% legit and authentic income-generating software. We found some solid proofs confirming the high success and incredible profitability this system is capable of. Not to mention the numerous positive users testimonials we gathered from the Internet space. Some people even claim that they have been able to earn over $5,000 for a single day of trading. In this line of thinking, we would like to recommend The Infinity App to everyone as we strongly believe it works properly.

Review Verdict: The Infinity App is Not a Scam

Visit The Infinity App Official Website

Customer Support

This service is active 24/7. According to our investigation it is reliable, responsive and really helpful. It makes sure that you will receive help and guidance in case you have any question, problem or other feedback. The support team consists of professional traders who are motivated and really reliable.


“Hello everyone! This binary options system is really amazing and incredible. It manages to earn hundreds of dollars on my behalf day after day. The withdrawal procedure is fast and reliable as well as the support team. I couldn’t wish to find a better online-investing software to work with.”

Merry Mitchel, 32, London

“I have to say that I am really impressed by the interface of the robot. It is 100% user-friendly so I can easily navigate the system and use its features. In this line of thinking, I just wanted to thank you for this awesome review. Actually, it was the reason why I decided to invest in the software and start trading binary options online.”

Albert Muller, 58, Munich


We are more than sure that you won’t make a mistake if you choose to trade with The Infinity App. The system is proven to work properly, highly reliable and absolutely legit.

It achieves amazing results on the binary options market and therefore we consider it as reliable income-generating platform.