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BrokerBrooks Blueprint
Website URLwww.brooksblueprint.com
Free Demo Account No
Overall Score2.8/10

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Online investors are already so tired of hearing about new and allegedly legit trading systems that are constantly launched on the market, day after day. This is due to the fact that almost all of the new products are fake, scams and what they do is to flood the field of online trading industry with not working software.

In this review, we are going to share with you the results of our research devoted to Brooks Blueprint, a binary trading robot, created by Steven Brooks.


Since we don’t have enough information yet, we advise you to proceed to safety and avoid dealing with the platform, at least for now.

What is Brooks Blueprint System?

Brooks Blueprint, presented and owned by Steven Brooks is a binary online trading platform which uses quantitative algorithms with the help o computers. The goal is these algorithms to buy and sell assets focused mainly on commodities and futures trading in the financial markets.

By joining this binary robot traders can use Functional Trade Assets Calculator to analyze the trading market condition. The implemented algorithm is said to use real-time market data directly linked with the stock market. This way, you are supposed to never miss any opportunity. It also should grant you at least $1,100 each and every day. The average weekly profits are estimated at $35000 per trader.

Sadly, there is nothing available to proof the legitimacy of these statements. As for now, they remain just empty promises.

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How to Start with Brooks Blueprint?

You are required to complete a 3 steps procedure in order to be given access to the robot.

You have to sign up by providing personal information. Then you will be assigned to a broker and you will have to place deposit of at least $250. Then, you can start trading. As we are not convinced in the legitimacy of the software, we don’t recommend it to you.

BrooksBlueprint – Is It a Scam or Not?

It is definitely a scam and unauthentic income-generating platform. There are many relevant and trustworthy users’ testimonials that confirm the fact that this auto-trading robot is not properly working and it cannot earn really solid and regular daily profits for its users. For them we are strongly inclining to believe that are not fabricated but absolutely real and honest. In addition, all the other available reviews on the binary trading platform are negative, verifying its scam status. In fact, it really doesn’t look the same way that thousands of other robots do.

Also, the presenter and owner of the online trading product, Mr. Brooks makes great promises but actually we can see that there are no available proofs to confirm the trustworthiness of the software. Therefore, our logical conclusion is that online investors should avoid this binary online trading system and consider it scam.

How Does BB System Actually Work?

It is obvious and already proven to be true that each active user of this auto-trading binary options platform cannot accumulate the promised $20,000 per week, or in other words to put it simple – $1500 – $7,000 daily. In addition, it is important for you to be aware of the fact that the greater initial amount you start with, the greater losses you will experience.

And the truth is that all the available feedback proves that for sure.

Thanks to the autopilot mode of the automatically trading solution, you won’t actually understand how you are going to lose your funds.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all, we believe that traders would only be scammed if they decide to choose Brooks Blueprint system for their income-generating partner. The software is new, but already proven to be unreliable, as it delivers random and unprofitable results to all the people who are using it. Therefore, we would advise you to avoid this platform at any cost. It is dangerous to your pocket so you shouldn’t have anything to do with it.


Binary Options industry expands the trading services and tools so traders are adviced to choose a binary system that suits their specific financial needs and goals.

Before you decide rather to gain access to or not you should consider the information we have gathered about this software. The main features have been monitored and the performance of has been analysed by our experts.

We cannot confirm the safety and legitimacy of so we concluded that there are more reliable robots. You can Proceed to Safety by visiting the Best binary option trading software with higher overall scores.

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