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BrokerBitCoin Code
Website URLwww.BitCoinMillions.co
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Sofort, Neteller, Diners Club, OK Pay
Overall Score9.2/10

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Bitcoin Code System is a cryptocurrency exchange software which was founded by Steve McKay. The infamous investor has an extended background of trading in different industry sectors. He has dealt with high-frequency trading operations, the Forex market, contract-for-differences (CFDs), and different Altcoins.

The idea for launching his own crypto trading system occurred to him while he was still working on Wall Street. Cryptocurrencies are his new passion and he thinks that they are a lucrative way for newcomers to generate good daily results on the online financial markets.

His crypto mining alternative has been operational for several months now. It has managed to accumulate fine earnings to most of the users that sign-up for it. The issued trading reviews and user testimonials have all been positive.

Our investigation arrived at the logical conclusion that it is a legit and reliable crypto robot. Those, who have tested its offered services, state that they are completely satisfied. The provided investment tools are easily applicable and truly practical when it comes to achieving consistent results.

Steve McKay & His Wall Street Tweaks

McKay used to be a successful investor who operated on Wall Street for several decades. He managed to build an impressive portfolio, handling different market spheres at the same time. Being an avid fan of technological developments, it was always digital trading that intrigued him the most.

Once he had managed to acquire enough to quit working, Steve decided to invest in the design and development of a private crypto trading software. One that could help both him and regular people, who may or may not have any experience in online finances, achieve monetary independence.

The current phase is the Beta-testing one. Users that manage to secure one of the limited free daily spots gain access to a handful of crypto investment tools. Since the algorithm of the CFD trading robot is self-learning, it will use the data from their results to become even more accurate.

Did You Know?

Self-learning computer codes function in the same manner as the human brain. Once they notice a given pattern, they analyze the preliminary factors that led to this event and automatically arrive at the same conclusion if the circumstances are exactly the same. It is one of the most sophisticated types of investment technology.

Algorithm Collects Market Data & Becomes Smarter

The computer codes of this currency trading solution apply artificial intelligence (AI) principles. They literally become more ‘clever’ with each accurate investment prognosis. Users have stated in a number of trading reviews that they are satisfied and content with their daily results.

Steve McKay has also said on a number of occasions that the algorithm is subject to constant tweaks and improvements. A group of well-experienced programmers and data analysts constantly adds new features and enhancements.

Sign-Up for the Bitcoin Code is Easy

Users do not have to engage in any complicated procedures in order to get started with the crypto investment solution. They only have to remember to leave an up-to-date telephone number and email address when filling in the request form.

A confirmation letter will be sent to their private inbox with an applied link which activates the trading account. A Personal Account Manager will also get in touch with them in order to help them set-up the details. Users must them deposit a minimum of $250 in order to fund their account.

This is not a payment, just a financing procedure. The sum can be withdrawn at any given moment. Deposit and withdrawal procedures work just splendid and there are no delays. Bitcoin Code System also complies with the top SSL data encryption protocols.

The crypto trading robot works only with legit crypto brokers. They are certified and subject to constant monitoring. All of them have certificates of approval issued in their name. Digital investors have nothing to worry about.

The shortest way to register with this scrypt mining alternative is the following:

1. Sign-Up Free

2. Fund Trading Account

3. Trade & Withdraw

Legit & Viable CFD Trading Solution

Bitcoin Code System is a legit and completely genuine digital currency trading tool. Its unique features are quite impressive. Users have issued nothing but positive feedback about it. There have been close to no complaints about its operational process.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Code is Not a Scam

Visit Bitcoin Code Official Website

One can proceed to safely get started with it. There is nothing to worry about. Customer support is caring, attentive, and works 24/7 in order to address concerns and questions of people from all over the world. The crypto trading system is fully browser- and device compatible. It will work on any given type.

Suitable for Beginners & Experienced Investors

The wide array of cryptocurrency investment tools that this crypto trading system provides access to attracts both newcomers and professionals. Both types of digital traders can find a fruitful opportunity to generate favorable daily results on the Bitcoin and Altcoin market.

Bitcoin Code System belongs to the category of legit crypto robots. It uses CFD trading techniques to operate in several markets at the same time. There is even the opportunity to place and carry out a number of trades simultaneously.

This keeps the accumulated daily results safe from unexpected negative events, such as the cryptopocalypse of early 2018. Investment accounts are segregated and data is stored on separate servers. This is done in order to ensure maximum security for the end client.

Cracking the Code to Favorable Daily Results


Bitcoin Code is a completely authentic and legit crypto trading software. The end user can have no previous experience in digital investments and still be able to generate dependable and realistic daily results. The digital trading tool works only with approved crypto brokers. It does not have connections to devious platforms.

Issued crypto trading reviews suggest that the greater part of the digital investment community is satisfied with its daily performance. All of the services provided by the cryptocurrency exchange solution work just fine. Withdrawals are on-time and there is even the ability to carry out same-day withdrawals in case of an emergence.

Free daily spots are limited so users who wish to secure one must hurry up.