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Trading, even in general, can be a tricky and hard-to-operate-in field. The financial world is built on grounds which are easily shaken and can lead to unexpected results. In the business it is usually referred to as speculation.

Speculation has led to the rise and fall of many big corporations. There is never a 100% guarantee that something is going to be successful. We have seen this process numerous times throughout the years. The same goes for trading binary options.

A lot of binary robot software advertise themselves as quite the smooth ones to operate on. This is not entirely true. While one does not necessary need any previous training, skills or market knowledge, it is always best to have at least a bit of an idea what you’re getting yourself into.

So, if you would like to find out whether the Binary Hedge Fund investment platform is legit or a hoax – read the review that follows below.

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Binary Hedge Fund – Trustworthy Or Nor?

This binary options trading software has been around for a while now. There is plenty of users’ feedback about it available on the Internet. Unfortunately, online investors are far from impressed by the results the robot has been generating. There is an abundance of commentaries complaining that the system has not been sending the proper signals.

Thus, traders have been executing losing investments and their profits are decreasing.

Another great minus for the binary options investment solution is that there is no transparency. We refer mainly to the lack of response from the different brokers the system is associated with. There is hardly any response to withdrawal requests. Or the system just stops working and sends an ‘Error’ message to the users.

Also, Binary Hedge Fund operates with some less than reputable brokers. This leads us to believe that the binary options automated robot is most likely a scam. People should not risk losing their money with it.

One more reason not to commence doing this is that the binary options trading robot has an expected and officially stated accuracy rate of 80% to 83%. Which is pretty low considering that the expected average for legit investment software is above 90%.


Of course, we do have in mind that there is no 100% guarantee that online investors will execute a winning trade. As already mentioned, any binary automated solution that claims to provide one is probably lying and people should not lay their trust in it.

The nature of the financial market is volatile and one that can shift and change pretty quickly. But it is normal for a reliable and trustworthy binary trading system to provide at least 90% return on your initial investment.

Binary Hedge Fund Mode Of Operation

Since its launch in the month of June, 2015, this binary robot software has raised many eyebrows. From its highly popularized ad campaign to the mainly negative backlash it has been receiving in recent times.

In general, the Binary Hedge Fund was supposed to be in possession of a highly sophisticated computer algorithm. One that can process and take forward current and past events that had or have a tremendous impact of assets’ price directions. After analyzing the said data, the binary trading solution sent signals to traders. Sadly, they turned out to be the incorrect ones.

It’s interface has a nice design, but there is more to be desired when the matter comes to it being user-friendly. Investors have been experiencing great difficulties when trying to navigate through the software.

Binary Hedge Fund Unique Bonuses

The Binary Hedge Fund is not an automated trading robot that has a lot of special features to offer to its clients. Maybe the sole one that truly stands out is the VIP Account. It provides an upgrade on your standard one. It supposedly has a lot of benefits and promotions to offer to the ones that sign up for it. Like risk level adjustment.

Free VIP Account can be attained for a period of two months if the user refers another trader to join the binary options automated solution. So, in order to keep utilizing one you have to constantly introduce new online investors to the Binary Hedge Fund. Which can be quite the tedious job!

Beginning To Trade With Binary Hedge Fund

It is quite simple and there is nothing special about this process. Traders can just sing up by providing a legitimate name, surname and email address. Then they should decide on a broker and asset with which to invest.

After that comes only the placement of the required minimum deposit. Which can vary from one broker to another. But is usually between $200 and $250.

Review Wrap

unreliableBinary Hedge Fund has had enough time on the online binary options market to prove itself as a legit or scam trading software. We did our best and researched the world wide web inside out to find out the truth and give traders an objective view.

Our final verdict is that this binary investment system is not reliable and most likely a scam. It is best for users to opt for a different solution and test a proven to be trustworthy robot. Binary Hedge Fund will most likely only lose their earnings.