Bitcoin’s VolatilityAs of February 2018, the value of 1 Bitcoin equals approximately 10,000 US Dollars but, the scenario wasn’t the same, a year back! Yes, only in the January 2017, this nascent digital currency known as the Bitcoin reached a new three-year high position of $1000 and now, within a year, its value has rapidly grown to ten times its then value.

But, it’s not the end of it! According to a cryptocurrency expert, Jeet Singh, the value of Bitcoins is expected to hit $50,000 in this very promising year of 2018! Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr. Singh compared the volatility of these coins and other altcoins like Ripple to that of the early market situation of the current tech giants like Apple and Microsoft!

He quoted that the stock prices of these tech giants at their early launch suffered a huge volatility as the market wasn’t mature enough to accept the experimental transformation presented by these companies. The same is happening in the case of critical cryptocurrencies, whose significant aspects are yet to be clearly understood by the entire community that naturally, leads to the bubble situation, which we are witnessing in their market values. In fact, the fluctuations happening in the market value of the Bitcoins is nothing when compared to the Wall Street’s volatile situation that witnessed the widest swing ever in the history of VIX product.

So, is the volatile nature of the Bitcoins a matter of concern?

All these prove that the volatile nature of the Bitcoins is not a matter of concern and the interested, should carry out with their practice of investing in the Bitcoins to enjoy a brighter future. Yes, instead of viewing it as a means to attain the quick profits, look at its bigger picture that could help you secure your financial future greatly.

Yes, according to the renowned financial advisor Ric Edelman of the Edelman Financial Services, the future lies in the favor of these digital currencies and therefore, everyone should prepare wisely to own them for years instead of concentrating on the short-term gains one could achieve by trading them! By this way, the cryptocurrency traders could encounter the market fluctuations fearlessly.

Not only this, there are other clever ways to tackle the volatility of this wide currency that can help the eager traders like you to encounter the worst scenarios confidently. The one way is to carefully decide, how much you invest in the name of trading that is, as suggested by electronic payments expert David Berch, anyone venturing this cryptocurrency trading practice should invest only that much they are ready to lose to avoid facing the devastations and hence, avoid fearing the Bitcoins’ volatility. 

Or else, you may even diverse your portfolio by investing in other cryptocurrencies, using a trading robot like Bitcoin Trader, as slowly they are gaining the credibility of various investment firms that are keener to establish index funds for cryptocurrencies.

Hence, stop fearing the transitional ‘bubble’ situation and instead, start concentrating on investing in the Bitcoins like these tech-savvy traders, who are dominating the market and gaining the desired profitability in an uncomplicated way!