Selection_003Although trading binary options has been around for a while now, just in recent years these trades have been gaining popularity. Respectively, the variety of the expiration times has become wider and wider. More and more brokers now offer the really short-termed options with 60 seconds and even 30 seconds expiry periods. This relatively new feature is in demand and preferred by traders because of the almost immediate results they are getting.

If you don’t have time and patience and you are looking for instant outcome then the 60 seconds binary options will be the right choice for you. The 60- second binary options trading techniques are quite easy to implement. The most significant thing you must do if deciding to trade those options is to monitor the market and make a move when there is breaking news. That is the time when the results from your predictions would be more accurate and you would be able to double or triple your chances for profiting.

The major reasons why traders enjoy binary options trading are exactly what you might think they are – simplicity and short expiry time. If you are well familiar with the 60-second trades but are looking for even faster binary options trading – try the 30-second trades. Thus, if you are lucky, you may profit twice as fast.

If you are a novice and the short term binary options trading seems a terrific way to double the investment in a minute or less, think twice. 60 seconds options are as risky as the long term binary options if not riskier.

Binary Options Trading Strategy

Without a strategy it would be unlikely to make a fortune out of it. What we advise you to do if you are new to this type of trading is:

1. Gain some knowledge – take some time to examine and learn the movement behavior of the value of the asset of your preference.

2. Choose the winning platform – finding the right, legit broker can play a major role in the success rate.

3. Don’t let your emotions prevail over logic – never trust your emotions as regards to investments and trading.

4. Use the 5% rule – do not invest more than 5% from your overall investment capital on a single trade.

5. Keep record of your trading history – this is a proven strategy to attain a comprehensive view and to set up a strategy that will work for you.

6. Use the breaking news as a source of income – subscribe to news RSS feeds and be from the first ones who will benefit from the asset price movement.


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