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The aim of the site is to protect traders from scam systems and shed light on legit trading systems. Feel free to read carefully what our experts have found out and what is the truth behind the different binary options.


Best Automated Software For Trading

This is the right place to be if you are new to binary options trading or if you have years of experience in the field. Top7BinaryRobots understands the importance of information when it comes to the binary industry.

Binary options have become very popular in the past few years and automated trading solutions are gaining popularity as well. This is due to the fact that the so-called binary option robots give people access to territories they have no knowledge of.

You do not need to be a financier or to have a Masters degree in Economics. Binary options give you a chance to join an industry that is intuitive and easy to navigate through. Free robot systems allow you to automate and optimize your profits with just a few clicks.

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3-Step-Guide to Getting Started

1. Choose a Reliable Trading Robot – we have reviewed and trade-tested dozens of systems that allow binary options trading and we have compiled a list of the best automated solutions available.

2. Open Free Account – due to the fact that trading robots are free of charge, you can open accounts on multiple tools and diversify the risk in this way.

3. Deposit & Trade – you need an initial starting investment. Accepted minimum is $250 on average and is used for placing trades. After you have accumulated sufficient in your opinion profits, you can withdraw them by submitting a request through your personal trading account.

How Can I Profit With Binary Robots?


A binary options robot is an automatic financial trading software capable of independently executing trades, managing your assets and transactions with little or no help required from the trader. This type of auto trading software is more advanced than simple signal services, and is exceptionally unique in the sense that it gives the trader the opportunity to complete other tasks while it works independently.

Even without knowledge or experience in trading, you can still profit from investing in binary options using a trading robot.

Binary option robots have been created with exactly that purpose – give novices access to the trading world and aid professionals in their intent to improve their skills and strategies. System trade constantly until you turn of the autopilot mode. Alternatively, you can predetermine a number of trades it will place and the software will stop the investments after reaching this limit. Most binary trading systems offer you the opportunity to trade manually as well.

Although the automated binary robots are able to act independently, traders are highly encouraged to do research to ensure the processes are safe and adjusted to their specific financial strategy. To assist you with this, Top7BinaryRobots experts did all the research needed and can provide you with up-to-date information about the best binary options robots.

A great advantage of some of the best available robots are the special features they provide. Including capabilities like Compound Profits, Profit Protection, Stop-Loss and Risk-Level control. Using these features, you can build a winning trading strategy, focused on money management and optimizing profits.


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Why Trade With Binary Option Robots?


Binary trading systems give you access to the investment world, even if you don’t have experience in it. The best solutions are user-friendly, easy to navigate and they manage to eliminate the learning curve that is associated with asset trading.

The main reason why binary options trading is suitable for people from all walks of life, is that there is no transfer of the actual asset. When investing in binary options, you will notice how intuitive it is to place your trade. All you have to do is decide on the direction in which the asset price will go so that it is Higher or Lower than the price at the moment of placing the trade. Sounds complicated? It is not. Binary option robots can do that automatically for you until you become confident enough to trade manually.

Another reason why trading with robots is beneficial for the enthusiastic trader is the fact that binary options offer fixed returns. You either win or you lose. In both cases – certain percentage.

The average winning ratio of the available legitimate softwares like QProfit system is between 80% and 90% which means that 8 or 9 times out of 10 the automatically placed trade will be a winning one.

The simplified platforms and way of placing trades have made binary trading systems into a great tool for online investments. There are enough authentic alternatives on the market that generate stable and significant profits for their users on a daily basis.


jonathan“When I first heard of binary options trading, I was quite skeptical. Of course, I had to start with an automated system because I have no experience or knowledge in the investment field. I invested a significant amount in hope of increasing it quickly because I needed to fund my higher education and my daily job just could not cut it. It took of slowly, but as I was investing through multiple automated tools, soon the money just started to flow in.

I was lucky to find reliable robots – I have heard so many horror stories of how people have lost everything to scam systems, but luckily the research I made beforehand was very useful! Now, I’m about to graduate without a penny in debt, all thanks to the opportunities provided by my trading robots!”

Johnathan, 28


perez“For me and for a long time, it was all about luck. I did not invest much time into research or investigation. There was a time when I tried almost every system that was released. You probably can imagine how much money I lost to scams. It was then that I came across an investigation website and started paying closer attention to what I am being told as a potential customer. I wanted to continue trading binary options because it was fun and easy, did not require a lot of time like a normal job. So I made the effort to gather information before joining every other trading robot. Now, I profit from options trading on a daily basis, on autopilot but manually as well, because I became confident enough to do it.”

Perez, 32


helen“I was really scared when I first started trading. It turns out – there is nothing to worry about! Diligent investigators provide enough helpful information and my choices have always been reliable when it comes to the certain tool. As a novice, I was not sure that this is for me. But when I started, I realized that there is no steep learning curve and that I did not have to slave away studying how to trade. Automatic investments managed to generate enough profits so that I can risk some of them trading manually. Turns out, I became a “professional” just by monitoring my robot doing all the hard work! I have a polished trading intuition that works almost perfectly when I trade manually, too!”

Helen, 46

How Do You Start Using a Binary Options Robot?

Your success with trading binary options will be determined by the robots you choose. The difference between winning and losing is in the legitimacy of the software you use for trading. If you do not make an effort to research and recklessly sign up for every offered binary options robot, you take the risk of accumulating losses that you might not recover from.

Once you have chosen your preferred trading software,

Experts’ Advice:

If you do not have the time and resources to investigate on your own, look for unbiased investigators’ reviews available on the web.


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Generate Profits With Binary Option Robots


We at Top7BinaryRobots have trade-tested dozens of systems. And we have provided you with detailed reviews on them. Very few are those capable of delivering satisfying results for their clients. The one we recommend the most has demonstrated excellent results and performance. Its capabilities have been tested by third-party traders as well. The profitability of the robot has been verified. You can read our detailed review on Fintech Ltd, our most recommended binary trading software.

Signing up for tested and approved robots is the smart choice. Robots for which there is no sufficient information on how they work and profit should be carefully investigated.

Even though we have compiled a list with alternative choices, our most recommended robot – Fintech Ltd, shows some the best results. It has high payouts and winning ratio, the withdrawals are unlimited and the software offers a number of different special features. This binary options robot offers quality trading experience and customer service.

Alternatives of Binary Option Robots

When you trade binary options, you have two other alternative tools to do that. Robots are most suitable for the purpose because they do not require you to have knowledge and experience. Still, you can trade with one of the following options:

1. Binary Brokers – those are platforms for manual investments in binary options. They do not offer automated trading but they have account managers which can advise you and trade for you. The broker which Top7BinaryRobots recommends is BDBinary. To trade directly with a broker, you should open a trading account and fund it with an average of $250.

Legitimate brokers often hold a license and are regulated by financial institutions. This is a guarantee for the safety of your funds.

2. Binary Signals Providers – those are services that generate and distribute trading signals that can benefit your manual trading. The signals are calculated either by other traders, professionals in the field, or by a set of algorithms created for that purpose. The signals provider which Top7BinaryRobots recommends is BinaryOptionRobоt.



Binary robots trade on signals which are calculated by their algorithms. These signals are displayed on the robot’s platform and you can trade manually with an automated tool, using the signals as foundation of your choices.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Robots

Using a binary options robot for trading purposes online has been proven to be beneficial for the investor. That is because systems have a lot of advantages over the manual trading process. Of course, there are some cons, but the benefits outweigh the negative aspects.


  • No learning curve
  • High Payouts
  • Fixed Returns
  • User-friendly and Novice-oriented
  • No emotional decisions
  • Eliminates emotional mistakes
  • Makes analyses independently
  • Saves research and study time
  • Free of charge
  • Easy to start with


  • Requires some preliminary scam-investigating
  • The market is saturated with fraudulent systems
  • Support is sometimes hard to reach and mainly in English

Of course, if you are fluent in English and consult with sites like Top7BinaryRobots, you will be able to find a suitable trading solution that will manage to profit significantly for you.

How Do Binary Option Robots Work?


To begin using a binary options robot, the only thing you have to do is sign in to your online trading account and press the “auto-trade” button. Once you initiate the autopilot, the software will begin to independently analyze the financial market while calculating live values of the indicators. Once all calculations have been completed, it will automatically produce a signal and place the trade into your account.

Binary option robots are software systems with advanced settings, which use at least 5 indicators to send and receive signals. Expiration indicators are limited to short terms, and often include time-frames anywhere from 30 seconds to a full hour. Once your asset is chosen, it is time to set the trade amount, determine the expiry, and let the automatic binary software do the rest.

Binary option robots also support 3 different trading styles, which includes conservative trading, mixed trading, and aggressive trading. These three style options allow traders to pick the best style for their asset interests and schedule. The conservative trade style allows basic trading to be done with low-risk instruments for each trade.

On the other hand, the mixed trade style option increases the number of assets traded while allowing more risk than the conservative style would. Finally, the aggressive trade style uses sophisticated indicators such as RSI (otherwise known as Strength Index), Slow Stochastic, and Moving Average Convergence.

The correct expiry must be selected for each signal you receive to ensure the accuracy of the process. Binary option traders must ensure that they are utilizing the correct combination of winning and losing trades, which will protect them from dropping below the average success rate of 83%. Finally, to have a financial success with binary option robots, the right combination of technical analysis tools must be configured. Remember, however, that the past performance of your financial trades does not guarantee the same results in the future. To avoid losses, staying up-to-date with the financial markets is advised.

Top7BinaryRobots’ Work


We are a dedicated binary investigation team. Our focus is on binary trading software and its capabilities. On our website, you can find detailed reviews, guidelines, advice and strategy tips. They are free for anyone who is a part of our investigation community.

We come across scam systems everyday, which is not surprising given how popular the industry is. The work we provide here on Top7BinaryRobots can be of great help to everyone, interested in the binary options trading process. You have a wide choice and access to materials that can help you optimize your profits and experience. So do not miss out the chance to do it.



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